Municipal District of Ranchland

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains and rolling foothills of southern Alberta, the Municipal District of Ranchland No. 66 includes some of the finest ranching country in Canada. Located in the southwestern portion of the province, municipal boundaries stretch north to Kananaskis Country, south to the border of the Crowsnest Pass, west to the British Columbia border and east to the ranch lands west of Willow Creek.

The Municipal District of Ranchland encompasses approximately 631 999 acres (255 770 ha) of land, and is unique in that there are no urban municipalities, hamlets or urban service areas within the boundaries of the Municipal District and almost all land within the municipality is used for agricultural purposes.

Parks & Natural Areas

Within the boundaries of the MD, there exists one provincial park, a wildland park, an ecological reserve and three natural areas. The protection of these landscapes reflects the unique roles that the Municipality and its residents must play in preserving Alberta native grassland ecosystems. Ranchers rely on the continued diversity and production of native grasses, and the fact much of the land is unbroken and without road access is a direct consequence of their stewardship.

Mission Statement:

“To protect and enhance the community and unique ranching heritage and to promote activities that are sustainable and compatible with the environment.”

The documentation relating to the impacts of assessment model changes for the M.D. of Ranchland may be found under the ‘Council’ tab.